Brook Silva-Braga
This is the place to see what I’ve been up to, with most of my work a hyperlink away. In recent months I’ve been reporting for HDNet’s newsmagazine “World Report,” with long-form dispatches on Cuba’s new housing market, America’s rural healthcare crisis, farm subsidy reform and the U.S. Postal Service’s #1 fan.
My latest documentary, “The China Question,” is airing on CNBC.  The idea for the project started with my mom’s boycott of anything “Made in China” and grew into a two year journey through both China and the U.S.  Along the way we explore how China’s rise impacts America.
One Day in Africa,” is now available on DVD. The documentary follows six people from different parts of the continent on a single day in their lives. The film’s website has the trailer and is the place to order a copy.
The world travel documentary “A Map for Saturday” has finished its runs on MTV and National Geographic but is available on DVD. The film’s site also has info on long-term travel.
Since the internet is forever, you can also browse the archives of The Interviewpoint, a site I launched in 2007 for in-depth conversations with a variety of newsmakers. Subjects ranged from presidential hopefuls to indy musicians.
If you have questions or just want to say hi, you can find me at brook  @
                                  - Brook
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